Work Experience

Co-founder, Stealth Mode Startup, 2019 – Present

Image-based diagnostics, precision medicine, biomarker discovery.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, OLIVES Lab, 2017-2020

Medical-R&D: Image-based diagnostics, precision medicine, biomarker discovery, pupillary assessment [Georgia Tech Startup].
General: Anomaly detection and visual explanation for deep visual recognition networks through backpropagated gradients.
AV-ADAS R&D: Aberrant event detection in traffic, context-aware parking space monitoring, traffic sign recognition in the wild.
Organization: IEEE Conf. Compet. ( 145+ teams, 30+ countries).
Collaboration: Duke Med. Sch., Emory Med. Sch., Grady, Oak Ridge Nat. Lab., Ford, Kolon Ind., Microsoft, Georgia Research Alliance.
Prototyping: Automated eye health examination headset.
Clinical study: IRB-approved study with 500+ patients.

Systems Engineering Intern, Summer 2014

Development: State-of-the-art deep networks in Matlab and C++ for digit classification (MNIST), object classification (CIFAR10, CIFAR100), and scene labelling (Stanford database).
Deployment: Deployed deep learning-based Matlab routines to a load sharing facility in C++, which accelerated scene labeling by 16 times and the classification by 40 times.

Graduate Research Assistant, OLIVES Lab, 2011-2016

•Research: Image quality assessment, depth-based 3D streaming and quality assessment, computational aesthetics, heart rate monitoring, seismic interpretation.
Collaboration: Texas Instrument, European Quality of Experience Network QualiNet.