Work Experience

Co-founder, Stealth Mode Startup, 2019 – Present

Goal: Accessible and personalized eyecare through artificial intelligence

Services: Imaging, diagnostic, and beyond…

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, OLIVES Lab, 2017 – Present

Research: Eye health assessment and monitoring, object detection under challenging conditions, image quality assessment.

Organization: Co-organized an international competition as part of a flagship IEEE conference that engaged more than 147 parties from more than 30 countries over one year.

Collaboration: Emory University School of Medicine, Emory EyeCenter, Grady Memorial Hospital, Ford Motor Company, Kolon Industries, Microsoft Azure, Georgia Research Alliance.

Prototyping: Managed the development of a portable eye imaging and examination device that is currently in use for a clinical study.

Datasets: Introduced three large-scale (millions of images) recognition and detection datasets (CURE-OR, CURE-TSR, CURE-TSD ).

Funding: Contributed to funding proposals that received $1M+ in collaboration with graduate students and research faculty. Submitted agencies include National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, Georgia Research Alliance, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Texas Instruments,  Moore Foundation, Kolon Industries, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Ford Motor Company.

Mentoring: Group work with six graduate students led to 5 provisional patents, 1 magazine, 6 conference, and 2 journal articles.

Systems Engineering Intern, 2014 Summer

Development: State-of-the-art deep networks in Matlab and C++ for digit classification (MNIST), object classification (CIFAR10, CIFAR100), and scene labelling (Stanford database).

Deployment: Deployed deep learning-based Matlab routines to a load sharing facility in C++, which accelerated scene labeling by 16 times and the classification by 40 times

Graduate Research Assistant, OLIVES Lab, 2011 – 2016

Research: Image quality assessment (10 papers), deep learning-based image processing and computer vision (tutorials), high color range imaging (demos), vital sign monitoring (1 paper), computational aesthetics (1 paper), seismic interpretation (1 paper), 3D reconstruction, quality, coding, and streaming (6 papers).

Demos: Project demos on PCs, NVidia kits, and smartphones.

Collaboration: Texas Instruments, European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services (Qualinet).