Machine Perception

  • [Publication]¬†Gradient-based Domain Analysis [Best Paper]:¬† GitHub
  • [Publication]¬†Semantic Filter Sets: GitHub
  • [Publication] Adaptive Filter Sets: GitHub
  • [Patent] Protecting AI systems against adversaries: No: 62/899,783
  • [Patent] Identifying Anomalies in AI systems: No: 62/895,556

Traffic Sign Detection
  • [Dataset] Traffic Sign Detection in the Wild: GitHub
  • [Dataset] Traffic Sign Recognition in the Wild: GitHub
  • [Publication] Traffic Sign Detection Competition: arXiv
  • [Publication] Traffic Sign Detection Benchmark: arXiv
  • [Publication] Traffic Sign Recognition: arXiv

Visual Recognition
  • [Dataset] Object Recognition in the Wild: GitHub
  • [Publication] Recognition Accuracy Estimation: arXiv
  • [Publication] Benchmarking Recognition APIs: arXiv

Traffic Scene Segmentation
  • [Publication] Implicit Background Estimation: GitHub
  • [Patent] Adaptive Thresholding, No:62/649,671
  • [Patent] Hyperpolar Classification, No:62/649,671
  • [Patent] Context-Aware Parking Spot Detection, No. 62/649,757

Deep Learning: Theory and Practice
  • [Tutorial] From theory to applications: [Slides]
  • [Tutorial] Setting up CNNs for MNIST using Caffe: [Notes]
  • [Tutorial] Setting up Stacked Autoencoders for MNIST: [Notes]
  • [Tutorial]  Setting up VM and Caffe on Windows: [Notes]
  • [Presentation] Image Classification and Scene Labeling: [Slides]
  • [Poster] Perceptual Quality Assessment: [Poster]