I was a co-presenter with Prof. Ghassan AlRegib in the 4th Annual U-Beyond Mentorship Conference.

The agenda of the conference:

Keynote Speaker:  Jagdish Sheth, Professor of Marketing at the Goizueta Business School of Emory

Guest Speaker: Slma Shelbayah, Broadcast Journalist & Communication Consultant

Breakout Workshop Session: Michele Tullier, “Career Choices”

Breakout Workshop Session: Ghassan AlRegib, Can Temel and Seema Mustafa, “The Mentorship Experience”

Breakout Workshop Session: Sam Makhlouf, “Entrepreneurship 101”

Guest Speaker: Raja Jubran, Founder & CEO of Denark Construction, Inc and Vice Chairman-Board of Trustee University of Tennessee

Guest Speaker: Erika James, Dean of Goizueta Business School of Emory


About U-Beyond:

Provide an environment for a positive and engaging mentoring experience between our business community, our youth and our community at-large. These experiences will allow our youth to make positive connections between career opportunities, school and their community. Our Mentees will find support and guidance they need to develop personal skills and career awareness in order to build productive and meaningful lives.
1) Provide a positive mentoring experience with committed and caring business professionals
2) Selectively focus on dedicated and committed youth and professionals to ensure successful outcome3) Provide a frame work for positive future growth and decision making skills
4) Help develop critical thinking skills and effective communication skills
5) Guide mentees to develop his/her own plan and vision for the future
6) Inspire and motivate mentees to develop to their fullest potential
7) Help meet our youth’s needs by providing resources and expertise
8) Build a sense of community
9) Create opportunities for:
a. Engaging business professional, youth and community at-large
b. Career awareness and exploration
10) Make the mentoring experience fun and life lasting