High Color Range (HCR) Imaging

HCR is a method developed at MSL that uses color information of the images and videos to provide a better quality of experience. We show that HCR can be used for variuos applications including but not limited to vision enhancement, aesthetics enhancement and HDR-like applications.

1. Vision Enhancement

Enhancement algorithms usually consider the structural components of the scene to enhance the view. At MSL, we integrate enhancement algorithms with HCR to take color information into account. In the following figure, you can see the snapshots of the videos. Original video is captured in a dark environment. When we perform contrast-based enhancement, we obtain the RGB profile result. However, the RGB profile leads to saturation over the frames with high motion. When we embed HCR into contrast-based enhancement, we can obtain LCH and CMYK profile results that partly eliminates the saturation effect and leads to a better vision.

2. Aesthetics Enhancement

HCR can be used to perform aesthetics enhancement to make the images/videos more appealing for the end user. In the following figure, we have the original image and the modified images that are processed with HCR in different configurations. Aesthetics is a subjective concept and when we need to make aesthetics enhancement, it needs to be customized. Therefore, HCR provides enhancement in different profiles to make sure that it responds to variations in the user preferences.

As an example of aesthetics enhancement using HCR, we show the original video and the processed ones using different profiles of HCR algorithm.

Original Video

HCR-CMYK Profile

HCR-Lab Profile

3. HCR as an alternative to HDR

We can use HCR as an alternative to HDR. In here, we show several images of the same scene that are captured under various exposure settings. HDR methods fuse these images to generate a high-dynamic range iamge. As an example, we use state of the art HDR algorithms to illustrate how the HDR images looks like. Input images that are fed to HDR algorithms are shown below.

Input Images

Output Images

In here, we show the resulting images using HDR, HDR with tone mapping and HCR algorithms.